Traditional Wedding Event Videography Design

There is very little to do when it comes to conventional wedding event videography. There is also less creativity besides recording the couple anywhere they go and recording the whole wedding event. Throughout the wedding, the videographer does the usual constant shot, and there is not much storytelling to stimulate emotions just like what you see in cinematic wedding event videography.

Conventional wedding videography is an old style of videography that looks like a video you asked your good friend to handle your wedding event. This wedding videography style is typically shot from the start of the game up until the end, for documents purposes.

In today’s wedding event occasions, couples prefer wedding event videographies that inform a psychological story rather than the conventional wedding event videography style. If you wish to have a cinematic wedding event video however still do not want to miss anything during the wedding event, you can select to have an official wedding event video plus a modified video by a professional wedding videographer.

Standard Wedding Videography Shots

No matter what design of wedding videography you select, aspiring wedding event videographers must understand that this is a huge responsibility. A wedding event takes place at least when in a couple’s lives, and it is vital that those unique minutes are recorded on film.

Ideally, preparing the shot needs to put any wedding videographer to the best location and be able to catch the essential minutes.

List of standard wedding video shots

During the ceremony

  • While the groom patiently and emotionally waits for the bride to walk down the aisle
  • The significant entryway of the bride and gradually walking down the aisle
  • Couples reciting their wedding event vows
  • The first kiss as a married couple

Throughout the wedding event celebration

  • The couple’s first dance
  • Slicing of the cake
  • The expected bouquet toss

Even with a list of must-have shots, a wedding videographer should keep an eye out for the unexpected but incredible shots. Wedding events have lots of spontaneity and unanticipated feelings that a wedding event videographer must catch.

Is conventional wedding videography dead?

Some say yes, but you ask an expert, and the response is no. Technically, the days when your wedding event videographer will just set the camera and being in the corner to wait on the occasion to surface is dead.

Even with the conventional wedding videography design, videographers can be more creative sense the development of modern-day technology. Video cameras have become digital; therefore, any aiming wedding event videographer can be a cinematic and traditional wedding videographer all at the same time.